Section Name Description
General Information URL OAAR Website
URL OAAR Scheduler

The OAAR Scheduler is our online system that allows students to access and schedule appointments for all OAAR services. 

To log in and take a look at the schedule, click the link below and use the following credentials:

User Email:

Password: pace1234

URL Audio Notetaker Software by Sonocent

Sonocent Audio Notetaker is a desktop program with a free accompanying smartphone app. It helps students engage in active learning in a way that complements multiple learning styles. The program contains 3-4 interactive panes (click here to watch a brief demo):

  • Record: Students record lectures (or themselves practicing for tests, reading papers aloud, etc.). Each time the speaker pauses, the program creates chunk of audio, resulting in manageable pieces of recording that can be color coded.
  • Text: In this pane, students add their own notes
  • Images: Here, students can import an instructor’s PowerPoint slides or any applicable images.
  • Reference: Students can use this optional pane to include research sources, notes from a textbook, etc.


Students who receive a note-taking accommodation will receive a license to use Sonocent in their courses. Please be aware that these students may need to have access to their laptops during class.

    URL SensusAccess

    SensusAccess allows you to convert your course materials and resources into alternate and accessible formats. Here are just a few of the many ways you can use SensusAccess:

    • Convert a PDF document to an audio file
    • Convert a Word document to Braille
    • Convert a scanned book chapter into an e-book
    • Convert a document into another language


    Using SensusAccess is simple and fast. Visit and look for the SensusAccess button. Follow the instructions to convert a file. Documents that are just a few pages usually take less than one minute to convert.


    SensusAccess can help you achieve Universal Design by providing multiple formats of all of your course materials.

    Disability Support Services URL Faculty Guide: Teaching & Interacting with Students with Disabilities

    This comprehensive guide from Texas A&M University provides strategies for many specific types of disabilities. 

    URL Association on Higher Education & Disability (AHEAD)
    Universal Design File Universal Design Quick Guide
    URL Universal Design Guidelines
    URL TED Talk: When We Design for Disability, We All Benefit
    Academic Support URL General Academic Support Information
    URL OAAR Scheduler

    Students can access this system via or the PACE Center's website. They can view SI sessions, schedule tutoring appointments, and schedule with the writing center through this system. They can also make appointments with disability and academic support staff.

    File Tutoring & SI Info for Faculty
    File Supplemental Instruction Policies
    URL Just Flip It

    Professors at Carlow University are using a flipped classroom approach with statistics classes, with great results!

    URL 10 Published Results Supporting Flipped Learning
    URL 10 Free Resources for Flipping your Classroom
    URL Khan Academy

    Khan Academy is a free resource that provides short, easy to understand video tutorials on a vast array of subjects. 

    URL Quizlet
    URL Create Free Mind Maps
    URL Plagiarism Prevention
    URL OneClass
    Writing Center URL Writing Center Overview
    File Writing Center Flyer
    File Writing Center Policies
    URL COR145: Foundations of Effective Writing

    This link provides an overview of our 1-credit elective writing program. 

    File MLA Quick Guide

    Feel free to print and hand out to students. Color copies are available in the Writing Center. 

    File APA Quick Guide

    Feel free to print and hand out to students. Color copies are available in the Writing Center. 

    File Chicago Style Quick Guide

    Feel free to print and hand out to students. Color copies are available in the Writing Center.