• Moodle for Faculty

    This course is designed to introduce you to Moodle and its basic features and functionalities. This course is arranged by topic and includes both text and video tutorials in each section. If you need additional help or resources, please start with the FAQs listed below. Happy Moodling!

    Moodle Frequently Asked Questions 

  • Gradebook

    The Gradebook in Moodle can help you organize and manage information about the students in your course. For example:

    • Students can view their own grades in individualized reports that protect student privacy.
    • You control which grades are visible to students, and when.
    • Course members with Teaching-Assistant (Non-editing Teacher) level access are considered graders and can enter scores.
    • When grades are awarded from within a Moodle activity, scores are automatically added to the gradebook.
    • Scores can also be manually added or edited (Overridden) in the gradebook.
    • Scores in the gradebook can be imported and exported. 
    • Moodle records a history of changes made in the gradebook allowing you to audit who made changes and when.

    How Grading Works in Moodle

    In order for Moodle to easily aggregate scores automatically, entries in the gradebook are numeric by default. (Letter grades can be displayed based on percentage using a grading scale you set up). The default score for each activity is 100. You can then control the weights of individual activities, or categories of activities, to aggregate a final score for the class. 

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