How to Submit an Assignment

Submitting an Assignment

  1. Click on the assignment
  2. On the bottom of the next page, click on Add Submission.
    add submission
  3. Either Drag and Drop the submission file or Click Choose a File on the next screen
    upload assginment
  4. When the box below appears, click Upload a File or click on one of the available repositories (i.e. GoogleDoc, Flickr, Dropbox)

  1. Click Choose File next to the attachment box, as seen below.
    Choose a File Button
  1. Navigate to your file and click Upload this file.

  2. Once the file appears in the submission box, click Save Changes.
    Click Save Changes
  3. Then verify your assignment submission.  If you need to make changes you can click the Edit my Submission button.
    uploaded assginment


For Practice, please visit the Moodle For Students page and click on the Enroll Me link.  You can then practice uploading an assignment in the Practice Area at the bottom of the page.  When you have finished, please click the Unenroll me from Moodle For Students.

Enroll Students



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