How to Post to a Forum

Post to a Forum

Step 1: Locate the link to the forum on the course page, or if your instructor has added the Activities block, click Forums for a list of links to all forums in the course.

Step 2: Click the link to the forum. The Forum page will open with directions from your instructor at the top of the page. 

Step 3: Depending on the type of forum, you may be able to start a new topic, or only reply to a topic or previous reply.

If there are already Topics started, you will see a list of topics. Topics with unread posts indicate the number highlighted in yellow.

Click a Topic Title (not the class member's name) to open and read what has been posted so far on the discussion. Click Reply to post your response.
Note: For single-topic or blog-like forums, there is no table listing Topics.  Posts are simply displayed on the Forum page.

If students are allowed to start new Topics, at the top of the page you will be able to click Add a new discussion topic (top) to start a new discussion thread.
forum labels

Step 4: When reading a string of replies, you may have the option to change the display of the discussion. In this case you'll see a drop-down menu at the top of the page with options to change the order and nesting of posts:

Step 5: To enter a new Topic or Reply, in the Subject field (required), type a brief but descriptive subject line.

Step 6: In the Message field (required), enter your new topic or reply.  Use the HTML Editor toolbar to format text and add images, links to media, or equations.
(To embed video or audio in a post, see Embed Media in a Forum Post, below.)

Step 7: Under Subscription, you may be able to control whether you receive email notifications for new posts. (You can also access subscription settings from the Settings block while viewing the forum). If you don't want to receive emails, set Subscription to I don't want email copies of posts to this forum.
Note: Sometimes you will not be able to change the Subscription mode depending on the settings your Instructor has made.

Step 8: To spell check your entry, you must have spell checking enabled in your browser. Words with suspect spelling will be underlined in red. To see spelling hints, hold down the CONTROL key and right-click (Mac: Command and right-click) on the suspect word.
Note: There used to be a spell checking option built into the HTML editor, but it has been discontinued and you must now set up spell checking in your browser. (Right-clicking opens the HTML Editor drop-down; to see your browser's context menu with spelling hints, you need to CONTROL + right-click.)

Step 9: To add an attachment to your post, click Add and then choose your file using the File picker.
Note: Image files attached to a post will display below your post, but other file types will have to be downloaded to be opened.

Step 10: When your post is complete, click Save changes to submit.
Note: After you post a topic or reply, you have 30 minutes to edit or delete your post before an email is sent to any subscribers.

Embed Media in a Forum Post

How you add media depends on the type of file, and where the media is hosted.

To embed a video from YouTube:

1. Copy and paste the video URL in the text area.  The YouTube video will be automatically embedded once you click Post to Forum. (This only works for YouTube Videos.  All other videos, images or media will have to be added through the process below.)

To create a custom link:

1. In the Editor textbox, enter a title for the video and highlight the text, then click the Insert Link icon in the Editor toolbar.


2. In the Insert/Edit link pop-up, for Link URL, enter the Web page URL for the video. Click Create Link 

create link

To upload an audio or video file and insert it in a post, click the Insert Moodle Media icon in the HTML Editor toolbar, then enter a URL or browse for the file to upload.


Subscribe and Unsubscribe from Forums

To help keep you aware of activity on a forum, Moodle can be set to send email notifications when other people in your course post to a specific forum. By default, subscription is Optional, and in most cases, you should be able to choose whether or not to subscribe to a forum and receive email notifications.

To change your preferences, you can update your subscription settings when you make a post to that forum. You can also change your preference in the Settings block while in a forum. 

Tip: If you find yourself receiving email you don't want, at the bottom of an email message sent from Moodle, click Unsubscribe from this forum (or Unsubscribe from all forums). If you do not see a link to unsubscribe, your instructor has set subscription for the forum to "forced," and you cannot unsubscribe.

Forum Best Practices

When typing a forum post it is always recommended that you select the forum post text and copy it into a Word Document, prior to click the Save Changes/Post Button.  This will prevent the loss of any posts.  If you get logged out during the posting process you will now have a copy of the post saved in a Word Document that you can paste into a new Forum Post.


For Practice, please visit the Moodle For Students page and click on the Enroll Me link.  You can then practice posting to a forum in the Practice Area at the bottom of the page.  When you have finished, please click the Unenroll me from Moodle For Students.



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