Audio Notetaker Software by Sonocent

Sonocent Audio Notetaker is a desktop program with a free accompanying smartphone app. It helps students engage in active learning in a way that complements multiple learning styles. The program contains 3-4 interactive panes (click here to watch a brief demo):

  • Record: Students record lectures (or themselves practicing for tests, reading papers aloud, etc.). Each time the speaker pauses, the program creates chunk of audio, resulting in manageable pieces of recording that can be color coded.
  • Text: In this pane, students add their own notes
  • Images: Here, students can import an instructor’s PowerPoint slides or any applicable images.
  • Reference: Students can use this optional pane to include research sources, notes from a textbook, etc.


Students who receive a note-taking accommodation will receive a license to use Sonocent in their courses. Please be aware that these students may need to have access to their laptops during class.

    Click link to open resource.